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Post the Seventy-Sixth or Who Knows Best?

They thought

They had trounced me

Forced me

To relinquish

My secrets

Bent me

To their blood soaked


They thought

That their dun colored


Could subdue me

Their corrosive pigments

Reduce me

Their all-too-human desires

Consume me

But I am forever


Of days filled with rainbow


I am forever


Acorns of chaos-ridden


I am forever


The chaff of stupidity

From the wheat of sagacity

Those children that resist


In the marrow of my bones

Gathering hidden

In moist dark corners


When seasons shift

Regimes die

And Mother always

Knows best

Post the Sixty-Third or Feel Me

He said that I write

With a pen dipped in blood

But I wonder

Is it my blood

Or theirs?

I’m angry

That bring down whole buildings

kinda anger

That cut people up

kinda anger

Anger that starts in your belly

Works it way up into your heart

And out your eyes like lasers

kinda anger

Mountains move at this type anger

And whole societies are built

With this kinda anger

This is that anger that yo mama

Warned you about.

My hands are soaked in gore

From beating against this pavement

Trying to dig holes in concrete

With nothing but nails and fingertips

So that I can plant this precious seed

Of rebellion

Given to me as a gift from those

Mothers that came before.

Can you cultivate plants from stones?

The lines on my palms are cracked and hard

Callouses rising to meet the scabrous sandpaper of daily living

A physical reminder

Of memories and histories

That have not passed.

His death is as keenly felt today

As it was 50 years ago

Or yesterday.

The latest felled tree

In a long line of deforested land.

I will chain myself to my lover

And bomb the logger’s machines

And shoot down the lumberjack himself

Before they harm even a limb

I still worry that won’t be enough.

The conversation is the same every time

A corrupted MP3

On repeat for 400 years

Only now

We debate over it’s very existence

Does a colored queer actually rage

If there is anyone around to feel her?