Post the Nineteenth or Black Clouds

We kissed

His lips were like two dark soft


Dancing high in the air

They seemed so unattainable at the time

But here we were

Locked in a struggle of labial dominance

What was I do to but float with him?

Soaring through the air

Cresting and falling in turn

My breath catching in my throat

My heart beating ever faster

And still

We kissed

For what seemed like an eternity and a day

Stars were born and died

In the space of that moment

Glaciers froze and melted

Continents shifted and broke apart only to rejoin

And still

We kissed

And I knew that a kiss like this could

topple empires

and raise up gods

A kiss like this

I knew would change the world

I can only imagine what the sex will be like

About witchymorgan

I'm a 22 year old womanist, sex positive, pansexual, polyamorous, queer, bruja, transwoman. Social justice activist by day, social justice activist by night. Fun! View all posts by witchymorgan

One response to “Post the Nineteenth or Black Clouds

  • Ryan

    You’re so brilliantly talented Ms. Morgan! I really look forward to getting to know you better and am very glad I’ve been fortunate enough to even meet someone as “you” as you are. You really live the motto:”Fearlessy be your self” and you’re so respected for it.

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