Post the Second or Our First NSFW Post

She stood above me. All 170 pounds of strong muscle and black leather towering overhead. I was kneeling before her, my hands and arms bound together behind my back, my head down turned. She took her riding crop and placed it under my chin, forcing my face up towards her. I could see the contempt in her eyes. I could see the love.

I was unworthy for the honor. But she was so beautiful. Dark intense eyes framed by powerful lashes. A strong jaw and firm red lips. She was beautiful and I was unworthy. But I was grateful.

“You are a filthy fucking slut. A dirty little whore. A harlot with her legs spread so wide they would accept the Titanic. A strumpet with no shame. A hussie with nothing on her mind but the next cock. Do you know what I do to sluts like you?”

I said nothing.

The hit, when it came, was sure and swift. With her riding crop she struck me across the face, the stinging slap awakening parts below.

“When I ask a question I expect an answer, slut. Understood?” She said firmly.

“Yes mistress.”

“Good…” She purred, “I ask again. Do you know what I do to sluts like you?”

“You punish them, mistress.” I said softly, the color rising in my checks from excitement and shame. I was so dirty. Filthy, even. And I needed to be punished. I needed to be disciplined.

“That’s right. I punish them.” She replied, using her riding crop to slap me again.

She grabbed my hair and yanked me to standing, my eyes watering as follicles parted company from my scalp. I tried to turn my face away from hers but she yanked harder with a snarl, forcing me to look at her. I looked into those dark depths and quailed. I knew what was coming.

She leaned in, caressing my ear with her lips, her words. I shivered.

“What are you?” She whispered.

“A dirty slut.” I answered, my voice cracking with shame.

“What was that? What are you?

“A dirty slut.” I replied, trying to put force in my voice.

My ear burst into flame as she bit into the lobe. Hard. My knees buckled.

“What are you?”

“A dirty slut.” Trying and failing to exult in the words.

She growled and bit again. I would have collapsed but she held me up by the hair. Supported me with her strong body.

“You know what I want. What are you?”

“I’m a dirty slut.” I breathed, feeling the words finally wash over me as i embraced them. I was a dirty slut. And I loved it. I was filthy whore and I reveled in it. I was a depraved pervert and I felt power there. Such power.

She kissed my ear and I could feel the smile there.

She released my hair and shoved me back on the bed. She told me to roll onto my belly and giggled as I struggled to move with my hands and arms bound. I felt the riding crop caress my ass as she crooned, “How badly do you want me to punish you?”

“I need you to punish me mistress. I have been dirty and I need you to discipline me. Please, I need you to correct me. To punish me for my transgressions. Please punish me.” I replied, with an edge of desperation in my voice.

“Why do you need me to punish you, baby?” She asked as she gave my ass a light swat.

I moaned, replying “Because I’m a filthy slut.”

“Yes. You are.”

She hit me with the riding crop. Hard. I cried out in pain and she hit me again.

“Don’t make a sound.” She said as she began to methodically strike my ass, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed, frequency and force. All the while I was biting my lip to contain my moans and cries. The pain was exquisite.

And I was in heaven.

At some point she stopped and I let out a sigh of relief, my ass still smarting from the beating it took. She grabbed me by the rope binding my arm and flipped me over on to my back. She looked straight into my eyes and I didn’t look away.

“Good…” She said as she climbed on top of me, “I think you deserve a reward.” She leaned in close to my face and I could feel her hot breath on my skin. She smelled of lavender and sweat. She placed her head on the nape of my neck and ran her lips down to my collar bone. I shivered. She then ran her lips lightly up my chin to land on my lips.

She kissed me. Sweetly, gently. She kissed me with warmth and love. She kissed me with passion. She reached around to grab me by the back of my hair and pulled, exposing my neck. She bit into my neck. I jerked and bucked against her as she bit down more fiercely. She pushed herself up and placed her hands on my shoulders, pinning me down.

“Beg me to fuck you.” She commanded.

“Mistress, please fuck me. I need your cock. I can’t live without you fucking me. Please… I need it so bad.”

She slapped me. “You can do better than that.”

“I need your cock Mistress because I am a dirty slut. I need your cock to correct me, Mistress. I need your cock to assuage the heat in my horny cunt. Your cock is all I can think about. Your cock is all I need. Give it too me… Please…”

And she did.

I was in heaven.

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